If you're a creator working in your workshop, you will have a natural love for high-quality tools. Lucky me, there are a few awesome tool brands with friendly people, who are supporting me on this.

Brands I've worked with
Adler Farben, Bessey, Dickies Workwear, HBM Machines, Engelbert Strauss, Fein, Mirka, Mr Beam Lasers, Ruwi, Sautershop, Shaper Tools, Stepcraft Systems, Starmix, ToolsToday 


One of my favorite tools is the Shaper Origin, a Handheld CNC Router. It boosts my workflow like no other tool before.

Working with Shaper Tools is pure joy. No other tool is bridging handcrafts with the digital world that well. A few years back, I would have never dreamt of a tool, that is so handy to my workflow. It's really impressive, how fast and intuitive the prototyping process with the Shaper Tools is. 

About Shaper Tools
Based in San Francisco, Shaper was founded in 2012 with the mission of developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, beginning first with a handheld CNC router called Origin. Today, Shaper supports thousands of woodworkers and craftspeople around the globe with the simple approach of developing tools to meet users' needs, rather than expecting users to conform to the tools.


Micha Brandt
Düsseldorf, Germany

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