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Create a vector design

First, you have to create a scribble of your design and build it in your vector tool. I use adobe illustrator for this. But you can also use any other vector program (like Figma). Build it as cleanly as possible and create it directly in the final dimensions. Everything is allowed but no pictures or colors. Only lines - for 'cutting' and fills for 'engraving'. It is best to create two-layer and separate the lines that will be cut from the filled areas that will be engraved. This makes it easier to prepare the final file for production afterward.



Prepare for Cutting

Now comes the tricky part:) ... You have to break down your design into individual parts in order to cut and engrave with the Mr. Beam Laser Cutter. Imagine the final shape and consider the thickness of the material to be used. In my case, it's 3mm plywood. Create a single shape for each layer of your workpiece and keep in mind that outlines are cut and fills are engraved. The color of the lines doesn't matter as they are only used as markers to see where to cut. By adding transparency to the fills, you can engrave more or less heavily. Finally, to create the production file, you need to export the document as SVG.



Start Mr. Beam and insert material

Place your material in the Mr. Beam Laser Cutter in the upper left corner. This will make it easier for you to define the position of the working area in the software. Then press the start button on the device to switch it on. Once this is done, you can proceed to the next step.



Adjust the laser head

First, the height of the laser head must be aligned. double-click on the center of the working surface in the software. The laser will then move to this position. Unscrew the screw on the left side of the laser head so that it can be moved up and down. Use the Mr. Beam focus tool to set the correct height and tighten the screw again. That's it!:) The laser is now ready for use.



Run Mr. Beam OS — import, place, settings

In Mr. Beam OS, click on "design library" and "import" to load your SVG. click on the thumbnail to get it on the work area. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can position the design exactly on your workpiece. Click on the "Laser" button, select your material and adjust the settings according to your requirements. Then click on "Start". The data will be transferred from the software to Mr. Beam.



Laser Cut

All that remains is to press the start button on Mr. Beam and the laser will start working. You can track the remaining production time in the software.



Get the stuff

As soon as your Mr. Beam is ready, remove all the parts of your workpiece. Make sure that you remove all bits and pieces from Mr. Beam.



Tidy your desk

Now tidy your desk to make sure you'll have every piece you need at hand to assemble your design.



Build your design

Now assemble the bits and pieces. Use glue to join the plywood layers and use tweezers for the small or hard-to-reach areas of the design.



Show it to us

The 'Drum Bot' is the second wooden robot I've made. I like the burned laser look and I intentionally worked with light and dark areas of the plywood. What do you guys think? Thanks for watching! 🤖👋🏼👍🏼


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