Flying Boxes Shelf

To keep it neat and out of sight, I installed a wooden shelf above the tool wall to store boxes with materials for the shop. Then I equipped these boards with LED spots to illuminate the areas underneath. I put small wooden strips in front of the spots to direct the light to the area where it should go.



Tabletop shelf with boxes

I equipped the work surface for the tabletop machines with space for storage boxes. I wanted a solution that offered some space for storing small parts - but was also lightweight and space-saving. Here I store papers, sanding materials, tapes, plugs, electronics, paint stuff, gloves, etc.



Mitre Saw Cart

The movable table is the perfect storage solution for my shop. On the front side, there is space for 9 Festool Systainer and 3 Organizers. Since the new version of these boxes has a handle on the front, I don't need to use pull-outs. I only mounted a stop in the back area to prevent them from sliding too far back. The back half of the table I use as scrap wood storage. That way I have it stowed out of sight and just turn the table to the other side when I want to access it.



Tool Cabinet

I restored a very old tool cabinet. At first I wanted to build it to store the paint leftovers. Then I thought that maybe some bits and drills should go in there. At end it has become a tool cabinet exclusively for bits and drills... and I'm very happy with it:)



Work Table

Nothing is better than a large workable. I bought a architect plan drawer cabinet and build some inlays to keep the overview of all the stuff I have. Then I started on building the table around it. It was important that it's movable and large. Can't count the work I already did on it:)



French Cleat

The French Cleat system is still my favorite wall mounting system. Specially in small shops you need to be flexible with the position of your holders to find the best position of each tool. You can move stuff to other positions without drilling hundreds of holes to the walls.



CNC and Laser Cutting Cart

I've built a work table for the Stepcraft CNC Router and the Mr. Beam Laser Cutting Machine. I placed the CNC router on top and the Laser cutter in a drawer underneath. This machine is connected to an air filter in the rear area of the table. The laptop with the control software for the machines is mounted on the wall beside it.



Flying clamps holder

If you have enough space up to the ceiling of your workshop and can still reach it, you can use this space for storing tools or materials. In my case, this works out perfectly, so I put my clamps holder on the ceiling. This way you don't constantly look at them, but have them right at hand.



Scrap Wood Cart

The storage of scrap wood is an issue in every workshop. Unless you have a second room that you use for this purpose, you need a space-saving and practical solution. I designed a very simple movable cart. It took me a while to find the perfect size - of course it depends on the amount of wood and the space you have available.



Recessed Wall for Spray Cans

I use a recess in the wall as a storage area for the spray cans. A simple and effective solution that also looks good.